For my non infertile readers, the timeline is where we put our "trying to conceive" stuff in date order so that newbies can see where we've been.  If you want to read the long version, this post sums it up.

Early 2005 - dearest Phil introduces me to Jeeves, my future husband.  Phil tells me he thinks he has a guy for me - he can cook, he's really smart, and he loves the Yankees.  Oh, and he's single.  I immediately ask what's wrong with him.  Phil says, "Nothing's wrong with him.  I just don't think he realizes what a catch he is."  Truer words, Phil.  Truer words.  Also, it turns out that Jeeves is incapable of flirting, so we are just friends for a year.

2/2006 - Jeeves and I start dating.

8/2011 - We get married.

1/2012 - Talk to my gynecologist about starting a family.  She runs baseline tests - everything is good.  Tells me if I don't get pregnant in 6 months, I need to see a specialist.

4/2012 - I stop taking birth control.

5/2012 - Period returns.

6/2012 - Start charting.

7/2012 - Start using OPKs

9/2012 - Decide to see an RE.  Dr. M. sets up all the tests we need.

9-11/2012 - HSG clear.  FSH, estradiol, progesterone, AMH all normal.  Semen analysis indicates poor morphology (1%).  Dr. M. recommends we give 3 rounds of IUI a try before moving on to IVF w/ ICSI.

9/2012-1/2013 - Still trying on our own, no luck.

2/2013 - First IUI ends in chemical pregnancy

3/2013 - IUI #2 - BFN

5/2013 - IUI #3 - BFP!  First 3 betas are normal (118, 476, 856), but fourth beta (2146) makes RE nervous about possible ectopic, so I go in for what becomes two weeks of a horrible ultrasound roller coaster.  Not ectopic, but it is a missed miscarriage.  I have a D&C at 7 weeks, 6 days.

6/2013-8/2013 - Take a break, get karyotypes tested (normal), get tested for thrombophilias (normal).  Meet with our RE.  Since we got pregnant with IUI, she thinks we should keep doing that some more.  Products of conception could not be tested due to cross-contamination with my cells.  Sigh.

9/2013 - IUI #4 
100 mg of Clomid
3 follicles on the left ovary
IUI on September 23rd 
26.9 million sperm post wash
Home pregnancy test on 13dpiui - BFP!
Beta #1 - 173
Beta #2 - 382 (42 hour doubling time)
Beta #3 - 738 (50.5 hour doubling time)
Beta #4 - 2694 (53 hour doubling time)
Ultrasound #1 - one bun measuring on time at 6w3d, normal heartbeat!
Released to my OB
Ultrasound #2 - bun measuring 7w2d at 7w3d, normal heartbeat.


  1. I'm sorry about your miscarriage. I had one myself in January at 9w5d's. Good luck with this months IUI! I assume you've already had it, but may not know the results yet?

    1. Thanks, Amber. I've been following your blog for awhile and was so sad to read about your miscarriage, but so happy when you got pregnant with the twins. I'm in the middle of my two week wait for IUI 4 right now. Fingers crossed.