Monday, October 31, 2005

This is Halloween

So, it’s Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I have affection for the holiday from childhood, but these days most of my memories regarding Halloween come from my apartment during college on Richardson Street. Devon loved Halloween, and she would go crazy with the decorations. Then we’d have a party. We had a few parties a year, but it was the Halloween party that I always remember with such fondness. I can’t entirely explain why. Perhaps it’s the change in the weather that marks the true delineation between summer and fall.

Anyway, we would always tell everyone to come in costume, but inevitably it was just the residents of the apartment that were costumed.

Regardless, Halloween reminds me of carefree, cool fall nights, and the company of old friends. Well, that and a good scary movie. Of which there have been paucity in recent years.

Tonight I'm taking the nephews trick-or-treating. Wish me luck getting Connor to share some candy with me.


  1. Anhabelle10:21 AM

    WE MISSED YOU!!!!!

  2. I bet the nephews were soooooo cute in their costumes.

    They don't celebrate Halloween in Holland, which blows.

  3. I totally came in costume to your parties!