Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just Shut Up

I am obsessed with ESPN radio. I frequently have to go out of the office for work to do stuff that I hate (closings. blech.) but the bright side is I can listen to more ESPN radio.

Anyway, Mike and Mike in the morning have the "Just Shut Up" segment once a week for whoever is annoying them in the sports world. I would like to offer up Michael Kaye this week.

Why? It's the A-Rod thing. Look, I'm not one of the fans booing him, but I am so tired of Michael's incessant yelling on his radio show about "how dare the fans boo him?" Ugh! Michael, it's a part of the game. And if A-Rod is so damn fragile that he can't handle it, he can't hack it in New York. Last year Giambi was one the getting booed, but did you defend him? Did he fall apart? No, he got back on the juice and elevated his game.

Is A-Rod objectively a great player? Sure. But right now he's sucking and I'm sorry, but unless you were a part of World Series win streak, you won't be immune to boos when you suck (obviously Jeter, Posada and Bernie are given massive leeway, and for good reason).

So stop it, Michael. Just shut up.

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  1. Anhabelle11:31 PM

    I have a bizarro crush on Michael Kaye after spotting him dining at Brasserie 8 1/2 when I was a summer (he was wearing peach and he looked awesome)...but I would have to concur. JUST SHUT UP!

    p.s. Did I tell you that I also walked past Susan Waldman a couple of weeks ago? She looked more like an old Jewish lady than a sports nerd.

    p.p.s. Can you tell that I have missed your posts?