Friday, November 10, 2006


Rutgers doesn't have a fight song like Notre Dame. We have a cheer:

R-U rah rah
R-U rah rah
Hoo-rah Hoo-rah
Rutgers rah
Upstream Red Team
Red Team Upstream
Rutgers Rah

I know, it's deep. And it's actually about our crew team, which we don't have anymore due to budget cuts. But it sounds pretty cool when you get a bunch of Rutgers kids doing it in unison. We have songs too, like the alma mater, but they aren't as good for a football game

My first year at Rutgers, our college football team won 2 games. We lost 60-0 to Notre Dame (Wendy's crowing still rings in my ears - though I can't imagine why she would do such a thing - us losing to Notre Dame back then was akin to a teenager beating up a granny). Well, this granny has learned jujitsu and Rutgers doesn't suck anymore. Not only does RU football not suck, we frakkin' rule! I should probably watch what I say, as I write this we are down 25-22 to Louisville. But who cares.

I find myself wishing these days to be around campus - to be a student and really experience what it's like to be at a school with spirit for its sports team. I'm sure it's infectious.

I was also reminded by old college friend Molson the other day that the Rutgers 1000 is probably having trouble getting new members (they were a group devoted to pulling RU out of Division I). A little research showed that Rutgers 1000 dissolved in 2002 because they thought that the new prez would extricate them from the Big East. Oops! Guess they were wrong. Whatever, the point of this post wasn't to talk about them anyway

It was to talk about Rutgers football! Everyone knows a solid football team brings in more alumni bucks. But for me, I loved Rutgers College and never cared about whether we sucked at sports. I'd give money to them regardless. I just hope this sudden football success brings in more dollars, and that more people take note of good old RU, on the banks of the old Rar-i-tan.

Like Jersey itself, Rutgers has for too long been overlooked and unfairly maligned. It's time for a little more pride, and if we need to kick some Cardinal ass to get it, well then so be it!

Go Rutgers!


  1. Awesome. Friggin awesome.

    I am not sure about our alma mater anymore. I used to think it was about crew, but I now think that "upstream" refers to us being upstream from Princeton, our first football rival.

  2. Paul the Peeved6:37 AM

    Whatevs. It's still a silly game. No one's talking about how Rutgers alum and Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman just passed away, or about our Pulitzers or scientific and technological advances. But hey, if a bunch of Neanderthals can kick a ball, I guess that's what an institute of higher learning is all about. I was at Rutgers last week, and all of a sudden everyone's wearing R.U. sweatshirts. A bunch of loser poseurs who don't deserve to live on the Banks.

    Plus, latest complaint on the Napkin Board? "Why aren't there chopsticks at the sushi bar [in Brower]?" Talk about spoiled brats.