Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day reminds me of....

Hot days like today remind me of when I lived one town over in Belleville with Liana in our un-air-conditioned apartment. Most of the time it didn't matter, except when it did. My apartment right now is also lacking in the air-conditioning department, a situation I plan on rectifying shortly. Anyway, back in the Belleville apartment, the people in the house next to our building would throw loud parties on holiday weekends, and it seemed like the cops were constantly being called to shut them up, or to split up the domestic dispute of my downstairs neighbors.

My current apartment is in a nice, quiet hood, slightly more upscale than B-ville. It helps that my downstairs neighbor (aka, my landlady) lives with a Nutley cop. Anyway, you can imagine my surprise this evening when I heard cursing and screaming from the street - one of our neighbors was involved in an altercation and it looks like Nutley's finest are just now leaving the scene. So, a little excitement in my quiet neighborhood, at the end of a holiday weekend.

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  1. AMEN! The non-air conditioned apartment is something to be avoided at all costs. Those costs would be buying more air conditioners and the PSE&G moola. I've got two words: worth it. The days of putting up a sheet in the doorway are done! Actually, the days of this fine ghetto crib are also done-T minus one month till I'm back in the Lake. Joy. Glad you had some ghetto street action to remind you of the good(?) old days!