Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vegas, baby, Vegas

After years of cajoling, talking and planning, Kate and I have finally agreed to a final date for our Great Vegas Adventure. I have wanted to go for about 7 years now. My sister and I had planned on going for spring break of my first year of law school. Instead she had a baby. So no Vegas. Thus started a six month "Kate, we should go to Vegas" campaign whereby I had to convince her that Vegas was more than gambling (pretty much, warm weather and nice pools, food, booze and spas sold her). Then it was years of not having the money or the time. Then it was the wedding.

But now it is here! In April, we're going to Vegas.

The questions now is where to stay. Camp Bellagio and Camp MGM Grand both make strong arguments. Any other contenders are welcome to throw in their two cents (I must say, though, if you are a fan of Steve Wynn or the Venetian, both are more expensive than Bellagio and MGM and therefore, out of contention).

I'll keep you posted.


  1. G-Doll9:46 AM

    B for Bellagio! B for Bellagio! Is it the absolute BEST!!!
    (No offense whatsoever to Mrs. LyJordan and the MGM compound)

  2. MGM for MGMG! MGM for MGM! It is the absolute funnest! Eat eat eat your heart out while you're there!

    (No offense whatsoever to Mrs. Zoppo and the Beautiful Bellagio)

  3. Rebecca would like a postcard. I know all about Vegas from TV. It looks like fun.