Friday, August 25, 2006

I solemnly swear

Well, folks, two years after taking and passing the New York bar exam, I finally got sworn in. It's been a long and pokey road. It couldn't be helped - I was lazy and stupid.

I had to drive up to Albany for the character and fitness interview and the swearing in. I haven't been to Albany since I was very young, but my dad used to go there a lot for work. So when I told him I had to head up there for the swearing-in, he kindly offered to join me.

We headed up Wednesday afternoon and Dad had gotten us rooms at the Crowne Plaza, which is right down the street from the Empire Plaza Convention Center (where I needed to be). For dinner, we headed down the hill of State Street to Jack's Oyster House - one of the oldest restaurants in Albany. When we got to the restaurant, Dad said, "When you told me you had to come to Albany, I have to admit my ulterior motive that it would be nice to come eat here again." Dad retired six years ago and hasn't been back since.

It was a great meal - the oysters and clams we had from the raw bar were top notch, and my Steak Diane was nicely done. Dad had the duck, which was quite disappointing, but the chocolate mousse torte dessert made up for that. The chocolate mousse was as good as Luger's, though admittedly it came with less schlag.

We headed back up the hill where I holed up in my room and watched way too much Law & Order, something I almost never do anymore.

As for today's events, the interview and the swearing in went smoothly and Dad and I were headed back to Jers by 10:30.

It was a nice bonding experience for us, I think. This month hasn't been easy for me, between work, my lack of interesting vacation, and the double whammy of Mon & Dad's anniversary and Mom's birthday. It was nice for us to take a little sojourn together, and just talk, or sometimes, sit in amiable silence.

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  1. YEAH SCHMEGAN!!! I'm proud of your official lawyery status. Never forget your legal roots-- cheat sheets taped to the walls. Ah, edumacation...