Monday, November 25, 2013

My sock buddy is awesome

So, I have a post all planned out about MORE Thanksgiving drama that happened yesterday, but I will save that for tomorrow.  This is just a quick post to say that my sock buddy is awesome.  She went above and beyond.  I am humbled.  

I signed up for Risa's (of Who Shot Down My Stork?) sock exchange and she paired me up with Smile from My Lady Bits.  Which was very cool because I love her blog and she is seriously in the IVF trenches right now and I really wanted to provide good luck socks to someone in the trenches.

Anyway, today Jeeves came home from work carrying a box.  "What's that?" I asked.  "It must be your socks!" he said.  And he was right, but the box seemed so big for socks!  That's because Smile sent me 4(!) pairs of socks.  Behold!

The Fighter socks represent my infertility journey and my little fighter bun.  The Go Team socks are for Team Infertility, but also for my dad who has cancer (proceeds from these socks go towards the Team in Training Program for cancer).  And then Christmas socks because who doesn't love festive holiday socks?  I'm a little ashamed to say that I don't own Christmas socks, but now I have two pairs!  I especially love the little reindeer.  So cute!  I'm going to wear the Fighter socks to my NT scan next week, and the Go Team Socks to my next OB appointment.  Thank you so much, Smile.  I feel bad I only got you one pair of socks, but I hope they bring you luck, and I'm super glad now that I stuck a bunch of chocolate in your package.

Man, what a privilege it is to be a member of a community filled with strong, supportive women.  I'm so thankful for you all.


  1. Love them and the meaning behind them all! How awesome!!

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Hi from ICLW...great socks!!!

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Yay, so glad you like them! I admit that I definitely went a bit overboard, but it was so fun to pick them out! And the chocolate you sent is definitely helping to keep me sane, since I'm off the booze currently it is my substitute (and my husband is not allowed to touch it). And I can't wait to wear the socks you sent me - looking like retrieval is Friday or Saturday and I'm ready to put on my lucky socks and get this show on the road!

  4. I love them! How awesome :)