Thursday, December 29, 2005

It reminds me of vacation

Last night I met up with Janet on the Isle of Manhatts for some dinner. Jan is down from Vermont – on vacation from teaching the kiddies. We had sushi at Taste of Tokyo on 13th Street – the yellow tail was fan-freakin’-tastic and the age tofu was also quite good.

Janet brought me some pictures from our journey to Vienna – hers were of course a great deal more artistic and interesting than my touristy shots, but that’s to be expected. Anyway, there’s a shot that Janet took of me looking perplexed while reading one of the travel guides. I know why I make that face – it’s because I’m reading something and I don’t agree with it. Janet said I make that face a lot. She wasn’t kidding – in her collection of photos, there are at least four of me sporting that expression.

She also gave me a copy of what is now my absolute favorite picture of myself. I generally hate hate hate pictures of me. But this one is in black and white, me sitting in a courtyard in Grinzing, listening to the accordion and violinist who were playing. I look so happy. And when I see that picture, I remember exactly how I felt at that moment – relaxed, peaceful, and light. Thanks for the photo, Jan.

After dinner, we went for a walk and Janet was drawn to the smell of a soap store called Sabon. Check out their stuff – I bought the coconut vanilla body butter and it’s pretty great. The smell of coconuts reminds me of vacation. Maybe not a Viennese vacation, but a vacation nonetheless.

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