Thursday, December 01, 2005

Priori Incantatem

Anhabelle and I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (opening weekend, natch). And Anhabelle, proving once again that she is the Pregnant Wonder Woman, didn’t go to the bathroom once! She rules.

Enough time has elapsed since I saw it that I don’t want to give an entire review. But I do want to say that the final act was un-friggin’-believable. It completely captured the spirit of the book. I was enthralled and terrified, which is amazing considering that I knew how it ended.

The Harry Potter books hold a special place in my heart, as you may recall from all my blathering about the 6th book this past summer. There is something terribly special about seeing those books brought to life, particularly when they are done well. The final confrontation in the graveyard? Exactly as I imagined it. The Times remarked that Ralph Fiennes was born to play the role of Voldemort and they are so right. He was perfect.

It’s hard for me to know whether non-readers of the series would enjoy the movie, but if you are a reader of the series, you must see it. And in case you were wondering, yes, Cedric Diggory is very handsome, yes I feel more than a little dirty for thinking so, but at least he’s over 18.


  1. Anhabelle6:37 PM

    Robert Pattinson (the Dreamy Cedric) is already nineteen and a half years old . . . NO GUILT! Afterall, what's one decade?

  2. Are you including the labyrinth scene in your review of the final act? Because the maze was truly craptastic.