Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Your Innapropriate Comment for the Day

Matlock and I spend a decent amount of time worrying that our jokes are inappropriate for the office. Three years with the guys at law school has basically erased any line I ever had. I told Matlock that E thinks some of his jokes are a little "off-color." And Matlock responded that when ladies are not present, he's told jokes in a neon blue shade that have had E in stitches.

I was, of course, jealous. Why should E get to hear all the good jokes? What constitutes "neon blue"?

Today at lunch, overly litigious co-worker McGee said he thought we should sue the woman who hit my car.

McGee: We'll all sue her!
Me: Yeah, that's a great idea. What exactly would you all sue her for?
E: Loss of consortium.


Me: That would be.... gross.
Matlock: That's what I mean by "neon blue," Meg.


  1. you are so funny. we haven't talked in a while, but congrats on your new job & crib...
    sounds like you are doing well...glad that you are back on your blog.

    ps there's a deltas in the citay - we should go sometime.

  2. You wacky lawyers! "Loss of consortium." That's hilarious. Seriously, how do you manage to get any work done with gems like that being fired off all day?