Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Love My Co-Workers

First things first, I've decided to rename "D" "Matlock" for the purposes of this blog. Matlock because he's the oldest of the group and because I talk to him the most and referring to him perpetually as a letter is annoying.

Matlock is our out-of-the-office social director. His primary goal is to think of combinations of events that will make it difficult for the ladies, K and myself, to figure out what to wear. He initially wanted us to go to the rifle range and then to see Rent on Broadway. K protested, so now it's just dinner and Rent. Meanwhile, Matlock has decided we're going to the rifle range, followed by a reggae concert in the near future. To facilitate this, Matlock burned a copy of Babylon by Bus for E, our resident Star Wars geek.

Matlock and I had the following conversation during a Dunkin Donuts run:

Matlock: I burned you a copy of Babylon by Bus.
Me: Cool, thanks.
Matlock: I burned one for E too. I asked him if he knew who Marley was.
Me: (laughing in anticipation because I'm sure E doesn't know who he is). What did he say?
Matlock: He said, 'I know who Jacob Marley is.'
Me: What?!?!
Matlock: Yeah. I was like, 'Dickens, E? Come on, I mean Bob Marley.'

I love my co-workers.

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