Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Friends! More Allies!

I think maybe this week will be Simpsons Appreciation Week for me and all titles will thusly be Simpsons related.

I oversubscribed myself this weekend and now I am tired, have a grouchy cat, messy apartment, and lot of work ahead of me. Still, it was a fun weekend.

Friday night, Philly and Emily kindly let me crash at their pad, which meant that I could stay out with them till 5am at Don Hill's, because apparently I think I'm a rock star. My body strongly disagreed. It especially disagreed when I left Brooklyn at 10:30 in the morning and forced myself to run errands and do work.

Saturday night I was back in New York, this time trying out the MetroCafe with Pablo as a potential spot for Kate's bachelorette party. Our original choice, Kitchen & Cocktails, apparently closed last November. We nixed MetroCafe, but had fun doing what we always do - quoting the Simpsons and questioning the sexuality of every male in the room.

Sunday afternoon was spent at Hunan Cottage, aka best Chinese food in Northern New Jersey, with Sis and her family.

Me: Tell me a story.
Connor: Once upon a time there was a square, and he was ugly and he was proud. The end.
Me: That's... a... great story.
Sis: It's from Sponge Bob.

Everything is from Sponge Bob. And on the rare occasions that it's not and I guess Sponge Bob, Connor rolls his eyes, looks at me and says, "No, Megan, that's from the Backyardigans." Duh, Megan.

Sunday night was poker back in Brookaleen and I won! Mwahahaha! Winning made me cheery, so I tagged along with Phil and the usual suspects to Avalon. To say that Avalon is not my "scene" would a) be an understatement and b) presupposes that I have a scene outside of sitting in my kitchen, drinking tea, reading the Times and listening to NPR. Oh well, we'll chock this up to experience and a few good jokes.

Today was spent sojourning about New Jersey visiting with various peeps, including Lynn and her new dog, Fenway. And because I love her and Kevin, I forgive them for being BoSox fans.

And now I need a three day weekend to recuperate from this weekend. But instead I'll go to bed early and hope 8 hours of sleep will restore me to sanity.


  1. Pablo the Sacrilicious3:13 PM

    Your nephew's a freak. What kind of loser's only cultural references come from an animated television show?

    P.S. The theme song for the Backyardigans is by TMBG.

  2. That makes sense! He kept talking about TMBG and I was like, "How the hell do you know about them?"