Friday, February 10, 2006

Too High, Can't Come Down

I'll admit I'm late to the Ipod bandwagon. I don't live in New York, I really like NPR, I'm comfortable with silence and I didn't have $200. But last year, in what may be the coolest thank you gift ever, P & E gave me an Ipod shuffle. Phil used to harass me endlessly to set it up, but all I had was my old laptop, which was not compatible with Itunes. So I waited.

New computer, return to the gym and lost discman - so I have finally set up the Ipod shuffle for exercise purposes. And it completely rules - it's the best exercise mix ever! I am so very pleased with it thus far.

I will admit that it is Dandy Warhols heavy, and while I always think of the Basement Jaxx as great running music, the Dandys have been, well, my favorite band for so long, that I suppose they transcend such a description. I listen to them when I'm happy, sad, cranky, or just the usual even-keel.

I saw the Dandys in September at CBGB for the CMJ Music Fest (thanks to Phil for the ticket, naturally). I had wanted to see the Dandys for quite a while, but solo concerts is the last frontier of aloneness that I have not undertaken. In other words, till I met Phil, I didn't know any other Dandy fans. Aside from the fact that it was awesome to see a show at CBs, a first for me, the Dandys were great, and the rather picky Avi (who saw Weezer with us back in May) declared his undying love for Zia. And who can blame him really? She's not hot, but she's pretty fucking cool.

Anyway, I digress. My point is that all this Dandys love, a special resurgence of which I have had in the last year, was made deeper when I watched DiG! in the fall. DiG! is a documentary made over seven years of following the Dandy Warhols and crazy-ass Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Aside from being a great exposition on creativity, music and fame, it's also got undercurrents about friendship and addiction. I liked it so much, I recommended it to Kate and Bart, whom I thought would appreciate the pathos. And they did! Not only that, but I think I have converted them to Dandy fans. I'm making them a mix of my personal favorite Dandy Warhols songs ("Hard on for Jesus," anyone? "Down Like Disco"?), but Bart very nearly went out and bought the albums himself. I've never converted anyone to a band that I love - this may be a first for me. If it works out, I'll have Kate and Bart with me the next time the Dandys play.

Until then, I've got them on my Ipod shuffe spurring me to run my little heart out.


  1. Pablo the Digital-Music Afficianado7:20 AM

    I just got my iPod back yesterday after it's been broken for two months. Isn't it the most wonderful thing ever? It totally changes your life.

    iPod in my pants.

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM

    If you're anything like me, the best part of the shuffle is the fact that "it's like a box of choocolates" full of music you like ,,, though I think Dave is getting sick of my predictable "I wonder what song is next?" at the end of each song!