Friday, April 28, 2006

Scorpions Rule

I did not have the energy this year to plan any sort of birthday shindig. So, I made dinner reservations with Phil & Emily, and was set to leave it at that. But then I got phone calls from Wendy and Lynn, who took me out on my actual anniversary of the day of birth. And an e-mail from Anh, suggesting a totally casual brunch at her house. I worried a little - Anhabelle has Benjy to look after and while I know her as one of the best hostesses since Marth Stewart (except cuter, with a better wardrobe and actually nice), I didn't want her to stress about having a bunch of the old law school peeps at the house.

But she offered, so I took her up on it. This past Saturday, I rolled out of bed, showered and put on a blah pair of jeans, a blah shirt and a pair of sneakers. That was my one big mistake. When I arrived at Chez Benjamino, the ladies all looked adorable! Dammit. I hate looking like the schlub.

But I digress, momentarily. As mentioned before, most of my friends in law school were guys. It was the first time in my life that the majority of my friends were guys, and thanks to them, I have developed a thicker skin to teasing, a deep and abiding love of poker and horseracing, and an appreciation for really disgusting jokes. Also, it was the first time in my life that I hung out with people who liked beef, roast pork, and bacon as much as I do. Through the guys, I became friends with their wives (though in some cases, they were girlfriends at the time). And rounding out the group so that I would not feel so solitary in my female status was Anhabelle (though she protests to the day that she was never a Scorpion).

So, I arrived, greeted by Josh & Cheryl, P & E (and my girl Rebecca), Mike & Gena, Anhabelle & Dave. And as usual, Anh outdid herself - homemade granola, french toast, orange yogurt, fresh fruit, an egg dish with cheese, mushrooms and potatoes, mimosas, and bacon. And don't think Josh didn't eye everyone else at the table warily, as though they were going to take too much bacon. For the record: Josh had 11 slices, I had 7.

"Aren't you excited to open your gift?" I was asked by both Cheryl and E at separate points. There was a large box by the fireplace. "Ummm. Sure." So open the gift I did, only to find a beautiful kate spade purse (see picture above). I was a little dumbstruck. Seriously - too much. I love handbags, but with the exception of a cute Coach bag that Kate got me for Christmas a few years ago, everything comes from Marshall's or Century 21. I've just never been able to afford something so... nice.

Life is really different since law school ended, especially when it comes to the Scorps. There is the kind of support you get from seeing someone every day of your stressful law school life, and a different sort of comfort you receive when you do not see those people, but know that they have your back. I have asked a lot of all my friends in the last couple of months and it seems almost shameful that when I have needed so much, they have all continued to give and give and give, all the way up to an awesome birthday gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Anhabelle10:25 AM

    I'm not a Scorpion. I am just an occasional interloper.

    Happy Birthday - it was our pleasure.

  2. I thought you I gave you your appreciation for digusting jokes. No far!

  3. G-Doll9:25 AM

    Did you look inside that bag to see if Ben was still sitting in it??? :-) XO

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