Friday, April 21, 2006

Six Lawyers and a Linguist

I am officially obsessed with my terrible fantasy baseball team. I joined a league that Phil set up, comprised mainly of poker people, and yes, we are six lawyers and a linguist. That's even our league name.

I am in last place. The one comfort being that I cannot drop lower. But I find myself mulling over things that I never would have troubled myself with before. Before, it was hard to give a shit about any baseball player who wasn't a Yankee. Not I find myself losing sleep over such topics as "why is Ichiro sucking so badly? What could be wrong with him? Should I take Phil up on his trade offer? No, he'll come around." Or, "What the hell is up with the Florida Marlins bullpen? How could they blow that win for Dontrelle Willis? I needed that win!" I am not proud of the fact that I knew who won the Orioles game today because I wanted to know if Melvin Mora had gotten any hits.

The one bright spot - just like in the real world, fantasy baseball is a loooong season. I can be at the bottom now, just like the Yanks are "only" at .500. Of course, I fuss over the Yankees pitching staff and it's only April. It's going to be a long season - and that's a good thing and a bad thing.

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  1. Megs!!

    Happy B-Day!!!! Feel free to bounce your fantasy baseball ideas off of me, I can consult my bro, he's read _Moneyball_.