Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Screw You, Jet Blue

Victory is mine! Got a letter today from Bank of America regarding the malfunctioning ATM - "the credit is permanent and we consider this dispute resolved." Because I was right and they were wrong! This does not cue evil laughter - after all the crap, I'm just relieved that it's a resolved.

But this reminds me of a story. This past weekend I went with my dad to have brunch with friends of his and my mom from college. Jeanie and Dave live on Riverside Drive and they are both scientists. Jeanie is very involved in tenants's rights in the neighborhood, and so everyone knows her and calls out to her when we walk down the street. It's fun, and a little old-fashioned, to see such a stereotypical neighborhood reaction in Manhattan. There isn't enough of that today.

Anyway, Jeanie and Dave's son, Tim, was over and the two of us set to work trying to convince Marj, one of my mom and dad's other friends, that she should fight a traffic ticket that she got. Tim told a story about how he fought Jet Blue and won.

Back during the blizzard in February, Tim got stranded in Austin, Texas. He spent an hour and a half on the phone (on hold, naturally) with Jet Blue, finally got put through to a person, and was promptly disconnected. When he finally got to talk to a person, they told him that the earliest they could fly him out would be two days thence. This would not do - Tim had work and needed to get back to NY. Jet Blue said they couldn't help him, so he bought (for an arm and a leg) a one way trip on Southwest. When he returned to NY, he called Jet Blue and asked them to pay for his ticket. They refused. "All right then," Tim said, "then you should know that I am going to start a blog. And every day on that blog I am going to trash Jet Blue. I'll collect stories about you."

What did this get him? His ticket promptly paid. The power of the blog, people.

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  1. G-Doll11:24 AM

    Love that! A blog to trash someone. FINALLY...a way to get companies to admit when they are wrong :-)