Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'd like to buy a Vowell.

This American Life's Sarah Vowell (also, the voice of Violet in The Incredibles) is filling in for Mo Dowd at the Times. The Dowdster is on book leave or something. Anyway, Vowell's column today, about Pat Robertson and the One Campaign, which focuses on poverty and AIDS in Africa, is both informative and amusing. Check it:

"On a recent 'Nightline,' Robertson showed up with his new best friend, Clooney. When asked if his group Operation Blessing would promote 'the responsible use of condoms' along with abstinence in its AIDS education program in Africa, Robertson answered, 'Absolutely.' Pat Robertson!"

So, a.) thanks, Sarah Vowell, for actually telling me something I didn't know; b.) good for Pat Robertson for acting like a real Christian for a change; and c.) let's hope our President takes a page out of Pat's playbook.

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