Friday, July 29, 2005

When the Cat's Away

The mice will.... get work done? Shocking, I know. I apologize, my lovelies, for the lack of posting this week. I set a deadline for myself to get something done, and get it done I did. Doesn't help that my more avid readers are strangely all on vacation this week - Kate, Anhabelle, and Philly (although he would claim that he doesn't fall under the definition of avid... but I pretty much consider anyone who's every read the blog to be avid). On top of that, Mireia and Watermelanie were out of work, taking the dreaded bar.

Which reminds me of a story that I'm about to steal from Mireia, who was at Javits Center this week, participating in the laptop bar program. In the general convention center, though, she said that the AC broke down on Tuesday (that's awful essay day), and because the proctors are elderly and were getting dehydrated, they had to evacuate the building, and so on and so forth, which caused lots of screaming "I can't take an exam under these conditions!" and "Shut up! Shut up! Stop talking!" So, as bad as the bar can be, it apparently can always be worse - I thank my lucky stars that I had just the normal shitty circumstances for taking an exam.

Anyway, I had all sorts of things I wanted to talk about, but neglected to - Vienna, Toronto, the IRA laying down guns (and the horrendously biased BBC World Service coverage - so bad, I had to shut it off), how much I hate looking for apartments, shame and self-acceptance of one's body. But I clearly have failed you.

So, above is a pic I took of the
CN Tower in Toronto. I have a strange, and childish, love of going to the top of very tall buildings. I enjoy heights. So, my first night in Toronto, I set off on the 20 minute walk solo to ride to the top of the Tower. It was impressive, though irritating in other respects - they charged a ridiculous sum of money to get to the top and there's a bar/restaurant that blocks a good portion of the view, so one would have to go outside to see the truly interesting part of the skyline. But the elevator ride was awesome - it travels at 15 feet per second and allows for a smashing view of the night skyline. Kinda looks like a spaceship in that photo.

Tonight I'm off to see March of the Penguins, and eat dinner at Martini's Bar & Bistro, which I haven't been to since graduation from (L)Awful School. I'll let you know how it goes. Some pics from Vienna on Monday.

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