Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Long Story Short

This weekend was filled with many things that I love - watching television with snarky friends, shopping, massive sales, margaritas, poker, friends who knew me when I had very short hair and would only wear Chuck Taylors, Thai food, BBQ (or la barbeque, from the french, right Paul?), shopping, fireworks, and perfect weather.

I will give the abbreviated recount. Friday I hung out with the one and only Banana (of the Liana variety) in my old hood of Belleville. Also present were sister TK and TK's boyfriend Franz. Liana broke her leg/ankle a few weeks ago and is indisposed. If we lived back in the Victorian era, Liana could take to her bed, and people would come visit and drink tea with her. Instead, she gets me, some fruit gushers from the local A & P, a sister ready for the comic circuit, a dyspeptic cat, weird pizza from Ritacco's and Friday night back-to-back episodes of What Not To Wear. We didn't bother with the Yankees since they were getting creamed, and BoSox fan TK doesn't need anything extra to crow about. The apartment looks great - TK has done some more decorating and Vito replaced the nasty old kitchen floor.

Saturday found me at the most excellent Woodbury Commons outlet shopping for sales. It was packed, but good times nonetheless. Next up, a visit with P & E, and their two-month-old Rebecca. P has taken to wearing his hair in a crew cut, and when Rebecca sits in his lap with her equally bald dome, they make quite a father/daughter team. Really, though, as far as two-month-olds go, Rebecca is entering that enchanting stage where she smiles and interacts with her environment. It's good times from here on out.... until she starts walking and getting into all sorts of trouble.

Sunday, I had lunch with Devon and Elana. Dev was the first of the college group to get engaged, own her own home and so forth, so it comes as no surprise that she'll be the first to have a baby. I can't say much about lunch, except that there is something terribly comforting about people who knew you when you were quite different, liked you then, and like you now, even if you changed. I miss them. As for the lunch itself, we ate at the kosher restaurant, Orchid, in Metuchen. We had a cranky waitress, but good matzo ball soup (though not nearly as good as Mrs. Grossman's) and corned beef/pastrami sandwiches.

Then it was time for an epic poker game with Phil and his people. Gordy played the role of Chris Moneymaker for the evening, and took away almost everyone else's money. With the cards he was getting, he really ought to have left this piddling game and headed down to AC.

Monday was the typical barbeque, beer and fireworks. There is something about fireworks that I truly love. I suppose it's the idea of being outside on a fine night with people you enjoy, and watching a dark sky light up. Maybe it really is as simple as that. In any event, I just really enjoy them. If there had been some tall ships in the background, I really would have been set.


  1. Pablo the Closeted Jew6:31 AM

    Devon's knocked up? Send her a mazel tov for me!

  2. (laughing) Umm... that's one way to put it yes. :)