Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fat Abbott and Cougars

CD 6, almost done with my Clomid, and so far no hot flashes.*  Huzzah!  Of course, I am neurotic and worry that my lack of side effects means it's not working.  Sigh.  No way to know till I go for a follicle check later this week.  In other news, I have not had a cup of caffeinated coffee since Friday.  I really miss it.  I did allow myself a cup of tea on Saturday and Sunday, but I don't feel bad about that.

Honestly, I don't feel bad about much of anything at the moment, but give me a day and I'm sure I can come up with something.  Last week I went out to visit Dad and as I expected, he was kind of down.  His appetite had taken a hit again - I think it was a combo of heat, family stress, and lack of appetite stimulant (he takes a medication that is supposed to stimulate his appetite, but he ran out and insurance wouldn't refill it till Saturday).  I think I cheered him up a little.  Below, a real conversation with my 78 year old father:

Dad: I need you to explain something to me from this Times word puzzle I finished.  You get a clue, and the answer will be three car names that also mean something else.  [Dad then reads me some examples].  Here's the one I got the answer for, but it's doesn't make sense.  Maybe you can explain it.  The clue is "uptown woman out on the prowl" [I might be getting the clue wrong here, but that's the gist of it.]  And the answer is "Park Avenue Cougar" [it was actually three car names, but I can't remember the third].
At this point I start laughing.
Dad: What?  What is it?  You get it!  What does it mean?!?!
Me: Dad, a cougar is an older woman, over 40, who only dates younger men, like in their 20s.  
Dad: Ohhhhh!  Really?  How long has it meant that?  I got the dictionary out and was looking up "cougar" in case there was some definition I wasn't familiar with, but there was nothing in there about it.

My dad.  In the last year I've also had to answer "Megan, what's a tramp stamp?" and "What's a Lady Gaga?"  

Anyway, Dad got his prescription filled and he said his appetite improved this weekend.  Dad feeling good and sounding more cheerful definitely boosts my mood.  He has a scan coming up, and I'm nervous about it, but there's nothing I can do about it right now, so I'm trying not to think about it.

Kate came to visit this weekend.  It was great to see her.  She's developing a little baby bump, and we went shopping so she could get some maternity clothing.  While we were at Old Navy, I made some comment about yoga pants (I love love love yoga pants and would never wear anything else if I could get away with it) and it turns out that Kate has never owned a pair of yoga pants.  I was scandalized.  Luckily, they had maternity yoga pants and she got a pair.  I'm pretty sure this is going to change her life.

I wondered if it would be hard to see her pregnant, if I would feel sad or if it would be hard to talk with her about her pregnancy and her soon-to-be baby.  But it wasn't.  I feel happy for her and excited to meet her baby.  I still tend to hate on the pregnant strangers I see, but I'm glad I can feel happy for people I love.  

The other thing that just happened is that Abbott and I had our 9th anniversary.  Yes, 9 years ago I walked into an animal shelter and adopted a 7 week old kitten that could fit in one hand named Abbott.  He is now roughly Thanksgiving turkey size.  "Mildly obese" is maybe the accurate term for it.  He drives me totally crazy and I love him beyond all reason.  He still let's me pick him up and carry him around like a baby.  And I frequently tell him that if Jeeves and I can't have a human baby of our own, that I am probably going to start dressing him up for Halloween and pushing him around in a stroller.  The day my doctor told me that I had a missed miscarriage, I came home and sat at our dining room table and sobbed.  Abbott came out and sat next to me and just meowed sadly at me while I cried.  I think I scared him a little.  I then got into bed and he climbed up next to me, curled up, and purred.  He always makes me feel better.  Even when he's being annoying as hell.  

So, on to a new week.  Here's hoping this one is a better one than the last.

*Update: Took a break while writing this post to eat dinner, and while watching the Yankees game, I thought, "Why is it so goddamn hot in here?  Why am I sweating?"  I looked at Jeeves, who was wearing a hoodie (I was in a t-shirt) and it dawned on me that I was having a hot flash.  I haven't had one since April, so I forgot what they feel like!  I'm actually relieved.  Now I feel like the meds are working.


  1. That's funny to give your Dad the 411 on current slang. I also hate pregnant strangers and am so relieved to still feel happy for those I love. Happy hot flashes!

  2. I never thought I'd say this, but.. YAY hot flashes! Exciting times :) Hope they don't get too bad, though. And your dad is hilarious. I loved reading about "What's a Lady Gaga?" ;)

  3. (1) It might have been hot flashes or maybe it was just the cumulative effect of watching our starting line up poop the bed all weekend.

    (2) NINE YEARS! I remember when you got Abbott! ZOMG.

    (3) Love you!

    1. Yeah, can you believe that 9 years ago you were in FL meeting your future husband, and I was clerking? Where did the time go? Love you too!

  4. I do the same thing with my medications. If I don't feel the side effects I wonder if they are actually doing anything all! WTG on being decaffinated. I just can't do it- I've limited myself to only 16oz a day, but Im just not meant to be caffeine free lol. You Dad sounds just like mine! Super cute :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Kasey! Giving up the coffee is hellacious. So much harder than giving up wine, and I loooove wine. I got myself down to 8oz for the last 3 IUIs, but I decided that this time I would be as "perfect" as I could. It's not fun at all.