Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hullo ICLWers!

Welcome to Work is for Suckers.  I'm super excited to be participating in International Comment Leaving Week.  I started this blog nine years ago, back when I was a law clerk out in New Jersey.  The name of the blog was from a joke I had with my BFF Kate.  It seemed apropos because I would frequently blog at work.  I don't get to blog at work anymore, thus further proving that work is for suckers.

Anyway, I blogged for a couple of years, then stopped, and this year I started again because my husband Jeeves and I are dealing with infertility and miscarriage.  It seemed like a good, healthy outlet for me.  I do blog about other things, but right now I mostly blog about infertility.

The long version of my infertility story is here.  The short version is that we have been trying since May 2012 (I realize that is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of time some of you have been at this).  So far it looks like our only problem is poor morphology.  I am in the middle of IUI #4 right now.  I had a chemical pregnancy with IUI #1, and I had a missed miscarriage with IUI #3, back in June.  It sucked.

Other important things about me.  My husband is Jeeves.  That is a nickname, not his actual real name - he's not a butler, I swear.  We're both lawyers.  I don't like being a lawyer, so I got a degree in library science, and I hope to be a law librarian in the not too distant future.  We have a fat cat named Abbott.  My dad and I are very close.  He has stage 4 colon cancer, but he was diagnosed over four years ago, so while it's serious, we've been managing.  I read a lot.  I basically like everything when it comes to books, but I do tend to read a lot of science fiction, fantasy, YA, and historical fiction.  I love television.  Most of what I watch is age appropriate, but I will say that Netflix has invented a category for me called "Teen television shows with a strong female lead."  I listen to a lot of NPR.  And my other hobby is cooking.  I love food, I love eating food, I love thinking about food, I love talking about food.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm looking forward to discovering some new blogs.


  1. Let me guess: Buffy and My So-Called Life? :D

    You should live close to me so we can be IFBFFs. I love books and food and NPR! I need an IFBFF. SIGH. Everyone lives so far away.

    1. Anne, yes, I am definitely a devotee of Buffy and all things Joss Whedon. And I watched My So-Called Life, though at least I was in high school when I watched it!

      We can be virtual IFBFFs! And CT isn't so far from NYC!

    2. I'm so not a Whedonite, but my husband is a devotee. I once asked, "How many seasons did 'Firefly' run, again?" and he looked at me with the saddest face and said, "Why would you ask me that? Now I'm depressed." He's obsessed :) We're not that far, you're right, but I'm greedy. I'm thinking same town, *not* two-hour train ride! But hey, we should definitely get together some time!

    3. Ha ha - your husband and I would get along great! The best way to get my father ranting is to bring up how Fox cancelled Firefly after 13 episodes. He loved that show. And we WILL get together - it's not far!

  2. As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but nod many times thinking "she's just like me, well, except for the lawyer part"!

    I am an avid reader! I always have several books I am in the process of reading. If I don't, I feel a bit lost. There are some great YA books out there, but my all time most ever favorite is Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series (historial fiction). Have you read her?

    I hope your IF journey is a short one! Happy ICLW!

  3. Thanks for reading, Heather! I have not read the Outlander series, but a friend of mine with similar taste assures me that I will love it. So it is on my list. Happy ICLW!

  4. I love to cook too! It's a great stress relief for me.

    Thanks for stopping by Gypsy Mama! Happy ICLW and good luck with your 2ww!

  5. I'm so sorry that you are struggling with IF too. I is a tough thing to go though. We are all here to let you vent and support you though this time in your life.

  6. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Hi from ICLW...I do agree work is for suckers but we all have to do it