Thursday, August 18, 2005

"We just gave too much away."

First things first. Fucking Yankees. What the hell? D-Rays are 9 for 13 against us this season? It's a disgrace. The Yankees don't deserve to make the playoffs this year. If we're very lucky, George Steinbrenner will fire himself after this season.

Next. I came into work late today. My typical morning routine is Morning Edition on NPR, followed by BBC World Service. However, BBC World Service is covering ad nauseum the Israeli eviction/pull-out from Gaza. Not to belittle or undermine this story, which is clearly very important, but BBC World Service's coverage has been... well, repetitive to say the least. I almost feel like they're just looping the same program. Cue sound on the melee, then sound of shouts and protests, poignant and sad interview with a woman who's leaving her home, interview with a Palestinian. The end. Except it lasts for about 30 minutes before they bother to cover any other world news. My point is, I'm getting a little tired of BBC's coverage.

So, I switched over to ESPN Radio, which I always enjoy. Listened to Mike and Mike in the Morning, and then at 10, it switched over to some dude named Colin Cowherd. And I hate him. "Who is this guy?" I wondered. Cowherd is apparently from Portland where he had a show. I have no clue what his sports background, if any, is. He proceeds to make the most blanket, and obvious statements one could make about baseball, and since it's just him on the show, it feels like he's yelling at you. I personally don't like radio programs where there is only the one host and no sidekicks. I'd much rather listen to a constructive conversation than some douche from Portland yowl at me about how the Yankees are incapable of beating crappy teams this year (Really?!?!? I had no idea! I thought we were playing swell and that it was totally fine for the Rays and Kansas City to smack us around.) Then he starts talking about how he's noticed that the players for the Twins and other lower pay-roll teams tend to be very small and that bigger teams like the Yankees and BoSox have very large beefy players. Ooookkkaaayyyy.

I had to switch over the The Fan, and it's usually no contest that I'll pick ESPN radio over WFAN. Sid and Joe B. (well, actually it's Ian Eagle filling in for Joe) were definitely preferable to Cowherd. Sure, I'd rather listen to Dan Patrick or the Michael Kay show (I enjoy Don LaGreca), or even Mike and the Mad Dog, but any port in a storm, people. Any port.

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