Friday, August 19, 2005

We laughed and laughed and ate all the cookies.

There's a Chappelle's Show sketch where the main character is a crack addict named Tyrone. In one of the earlier episode, Tyrone goes to give a lecture to some school children about why they shouldn't do drugs, and it winds up being an instructional speech about where to buy/how to use drugs.

At one point, he's telling the kids about the first time he smoked marijuana: "My friends and I smoked some weed after school. And we laughed and laughed and ate all the cookies. It was terrible!"

For whatever reason (probably because it's funny) Kate and I love this sketch and whip out lines from it all the time. Especially the above line. There's also the classic "Do you know what dog food tastes like? Do you? It tastes just like it smells. Delicious!"

I tell you this because I am off to DC is less than an hour for the usual South East high living of martinis and gorgonzola cheese, Southern market coffee, and Chappelle's Show quoting. Pablo is driving down with me, which means that there will also be lots of Simpsons quoting (much to Kate's chagrin). And of course, there will be bridesmaid dress shopping.

Anyway, have a great weekend, and let's hope that a monsoon hasn't hit I-95 and washed it out, although knowing my luck, it probably has.


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  2. Anhabelle11:44 AM

    An update on Megan since she has been too busy to post:

    (1) her move went relatively smoothly (aside from locking herself out of her old apartment right before the movers came!!!) and she & Abbott are now very happy in their new home.

    (2) she completed her clerkship and was able to take a few days to herself before starting her new job this Tuesday after Labor Day.

    (3) in the past week and a half, she has attended a Yankee game (Yanks won!), a Green Day concert (Billy Joe is HOT!), and a Cold Play concert (very nice). I can post about this intelligently because I accompanied her to each of these events.

    Otherwise, everything is going well for Meggiepoo. Who knows when we will hear from her again, but thought I would update all the Blog readers (errr, G-Doll) on the whereabouts of Megan. Perhaps we should have a Thursday GawkerStalker only focused on Megan. What do you think?

  3. G-Doll2:06 PM

    I think Gawker Thursday's starring Megan would be fun!!! I'm happy to hear she is settled in her new home/workplace.

    Props to her for having time to move, start work and attend all of those social events :-)

    GO MEGAN!! That's our girl :-)

    PS - and because we all love "celebs" so much, check out this site with photos from the Venice Film Festival!!,19884,1101761,00.html

  4. Everyone! And by everyone, I mean my three readers. I'm so sorry for my lack of posting.

    I can't post at my new job and they're working me hard. When I get my new computer at home, I hope to post a couple of times a week at night. So stay tuned.

    Second. Thanks to Anh for the update. I appreciate it.

    Third. DC was a great time and we picked out bridesmaid dresses.

    Lastly. My escape plan is still very much in effect. Nothing at my new job has convinced me otherwise and I miss my blog very much.

    Oh, and also. Watch Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List on Bravo. It's friggin' hysterical.


  5. megs, post something soon, my mom really misses your blog.