Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Irishman and a Hawaiian walk into a grocery store.....

I thought about quitting the blog last week. But then the Times had two great articles in one day from the Dining Section and I felt it would be wrong not to share.

Trader Joe's, aka best "grocery" store ever, is opening its first Manhattan store on St. Patrick's Day. It's located in Union Square. So the Times wrote a very nice piece about the "Polynesian-themed" chain which got started in Cali back in the '70s.

And to follow that up, there's a taste test review of Irish whiskeys, just in time for March 17th. I can attest that the Knappogue Castle is quite good.


  1. Paul the Stickler7:40 PM

    Please reread this post carefully.

  2. I hate it when you're right.

  3. Paul of the Utmost Haughtiness8:41 PM

    Aren't you used to it by now?