Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tyra Banks continues to kill my brain cells

This evening I went over to Anhabelle's house to visit his highness, Benjamino, eat corn dogs and tater tots, and of course, watch one of the white trashier shows on television (to accompany the whiskey tango buffet Anh prepared) - America's Next Top Model. Class. ee.

I should also add that we drank Hawaiian Punch (delicious) and ate jello with waaaay too much cool whip for dessert.

In any event, Mr. Ben is definitely outgrowing his Baby Pterodactyl ways - he chatters a lot and enjoys giggling, especially when he gets some of Aunt Megs' hair in his tight little grasp. We had fun.

Back to ANTM. To the right is Danielle, otherwise known as Anh's and my current favorite. This picture is from last week, but Danielle continues to win me over with her Arkansas accent, funny comments, and let's face it, the girl is hella photogenic. Go Danielle! Mostly, though, I think that Anh and I were delighted that Gina, with her nasally, on-the-verge-of-tears voice finally got the boot this week. Good riddance. Now we can all go back to hating on Jade.

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  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Too bad ANTM isn't a viewer voting show - you know I'd have our little gap-toothed beauty's phone number programmed into my speed dial!