Sunday, March 19, 2006

Time to Woman Up

Or, "I read the Times so you don't have to" part XIV.

Great Sunday Times today. First things first, I always enjoy the Modern Love column (oddly placed in the Sunday Style section, but whatever). Today's was no exception - a touching piece about motherhood and having to go it alone. Despite the fact that Asha Bandele is coming from a situation that I can't really relate to (married to man serving time for murder, struggling to make it as a writer, and becoming a single mom) she speaks about universal themes of fear, loneliness, failure and love. Well done.

Also in the female department, an insightful piece on why there are so few women partners at big law firms (hint: it's not just because of children).

Moving on, my man Barack Obama killed at the Gridiron Dinner this past week. The Times has an analysis of the treacherous slope an up-and-comer must travel.

And be still my heart, a great piece on NPR and the $230 million endowment they received from the McDonald's founder's widow. You know, I don't usually like to see pictures of my NPR people because I'm usually disappointed (Bob Edwards looks like, as Anhabelle once said, "a child molester"). That being said, Steve Inskeep is dreamy (even though he's not featured in this article) and Nine Totenberg (who is featured) looks just like she sounds.

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  1. ugh, he's married. speaking of which, did you know that Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are married? I didn't.