Friday, March 10, 2006

"It looks like a baboon's ass exploded on her rear end!"

Anhabelle kindly invited me over to to watch the season finale of Project Runway last night with little Benjamino, or Baby Pterodactyl as I call him (who actually slept in his swing for most of time). As always, Anh was a wonderful host and this was no exception - cheese dip, tostitos, spinach/artichoke dip, corn dogs and chicken wings. And tivo'ed America's Next Top Model. She rules.

Let me just say what Anhabelle, Dave and I all thought: Santino was robbed! Yeah, I said it. Santino, the great big Rasputin-look-alike jerk, won me over. His designs were sophisticated and beautiful. Daniel Vosovic, who has impressed me in the last few episodes as a giant douche OR a big turd sandwich (take your pick), created a completely ho-hum line which was allegely inspired by Japan and the military (saw the military influence, but where was the Japan???). Also, his model tripped over her ugly brown dress because Daniel doesn't know what the hell he is doing when it comes to hems.

Chloe, my previous favorite, was a mixed bag. Some of her dresses were straight outta 1986 Dynasty, but several of her outfits were beautiful, and perfectly sewn and fitted as ever. I especially liked the dress her model Grace wore.

Anyway, Santino is mos def headed for bigger and better things in the fashion world. Santino, your designs remind me of Max Azria, with a little Miguelina and Narcisco Rodriguez thrown in, and I can pay no higher compliment. In the mean time, Heidi Klum is still the hottest mom ever, and I still wish that Anh had befriended Tim Gunn when he bumped into her at Sephora, because I bet he'd be a lot of fun at a dinner party. Can't wait till next season. In the meantime, this Sunday I'll have The Sopranos to keep me warm.


  1. If you read Tim Gunn's blog, he basically says that Santino can't win because he is weird and Jay McCarroll was weird and he won so you can't have two weirdos win PR in a row. So that's all there is to it. I like Chloe, but her line reminded me of my Bat Mitzvah dress. "I like your sleeves, their real big." That's what I thought of.

  2. Annabelle12:23 AM

    Um, Megan, you forgot the mini-powdered Hostess donuts! I swear, next year, if Tim hosts the fundraiser again, Dave and I will go and I will actually talk to Tim (instead of oogling him in a totally platonic way from across the room for the whole night).