Monday, January 30, 2006

Colonic is the Watchword

This post is not for the faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.

Sometimes, for shits and giggles (yes, that's on purpose), another co-worker and Ie njoy yanking the chain of a third co-worker. In the process of inventing an elaborate story about how he was obsessed with losing weight and exercise, my co-worker found this article in The Guardian about a reporter who takes an enema holiday in Thailand. The reporter takes the trip and has to write a first-hand account about his seven day fast and the many enemas he endures for a cleansing of his large intestine.

The shit that comes out of these people - terrifying. In one instance, a man dislodges a marble that he had swallowed as a child 22 years earlier. If this is all true - color me creeeeped out. I had no idea that so much undigested food could stay in your system.

Anyway, I forwarded the article onto Kate, whom I knew would get a kick out of it. And indeed she did. So much so, that she decided to do her own cleansing fruit fast (without the icky enemas). She has promised to give me hourly updates as she begins the fast.

Meanwhile, Dr. Weil says it's all hooey. He points out that because the entire lining of the colon sloughs off every day and regenerates, the idea of toxic residue buildup is impossible.


  1. Colonics rule! Let's go to a colonic day spa. We'll get facials, a mani-pedi, then ram tubes up our asses and flush out all our poo.

  2. Paul the Nauseated6:09 AM

    Why would you set her up like that? That's just asking for trouble.