Sunday, January 15, 2006

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

Last night I braved the wind and rain to hang out with Pablo in NYC. We wound up over at a bar called Dusk where the Upright Citizens Brigade, where Pablo is a member of various classes and groups, was having a fundraiser. Dusk was good for two purposes - people watching and the jukebox. No, the jukebox was not an mp3 player like at Hi-Fi, but for a plain ole jukebox, it had an interesting selection. I was tickled when Paul and I walked in the door and Basement Jaxx's "Romeo" was playing.

Anyway, here's a quick story about the people-watching. After making fun of a girl who bore a strange resemblance to Nicole Richie, I noticed a woman who was wearing slouchy boots like these, except in beige. I hate those types of boots - they look very 1986 to me. And of course, she had her jeans tucked into them. In my opinion - not hot.

When Paul went to fetch drinks, Slouchy Boots Woman was sitting at the bar, drinking a Rolling Rock.

Pablo: Can I have a screw driver and a glass of water, please?
Slouchy Boots: That's the best drink order I've heard all night. (turns to her friend) This guy is keepin' it real.
Pablo: Ummm, okay. Thanks?

When Pablo repeated the story, all I could say was "What?!?!" I couldn't believe someone would actually say that. And what's so special about a screw driver and a glass of water?

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  1. Paul the Superior6:56 AM

    I told everyone about stupid boot girl. I hate her. We should have gotten her and Nicole Ritchie to make out.

    Apparently, the party really started kickin' after we left. Stupid improvisers.