Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sorry, George

So last night was the Golden Globes. As with most awards shows, I was disappointed, though I do have to say that the Globes sticks to its time period and doesn't bog you down with too many painful moments.

I'll begin with a disclaimer - I have not seen Brokeback Mountain and therefore cannot comment on whether it should or should not have won. But I felt strangely sad about Good Night, and Good Luck getting shut out. I shouldn't say strangely - I really enjoyed the film when I saw it and it's stuck with me since then. But it's a sincerely American movie - I am not entirely sure how much the foreign press would appreciate its commentary on patriotism, dissent and bravery. That being said, it was one of the best movies I saw last year and I hope it at least gets a few Oscar nods. Good job, George Clooney.

I was pleased that Rachel Weisz won for best supporting actress in The Constant Gardener - in many ways she is that films emotional core and Ralph Fiennes turn would not have been nearly as poignant with another actress in the role.

As for TV, well, Lauren will totally hate me for saying this because she loooves Hugh Laurie, but I was pulling for Ian McShane, aka Al Swearengen, naturally, and in the alternative, Wentworth Miller. But I was happy about Lost winning for best drama. But why wasn't Deadwood nominated? Deadwood is sooo ignored. It pisses me off.

So that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Globes, though now I have a major urge to see Walk the Line. For some reason, despite all the awards, I'm still not in any rush to see Brokeback - maybe because it looks like a weep fest, and I'm looking for more complex emotions than just "Isn't it sad? They love each other but they can't be together! Why, cruel world, why???? Can't you just accept them?" I know, I'm a horrible mean bitch. Next on my list, though, is Munich.


  1. So pre-judgmental with respect to Brokeback...there's a lot more to it than just "can't they be together?" No doubt that's an integral part of the the story - it is a well told love story. But there is a lot more going on. Check it out...

  2. Phil, only you would comment under such a silly name and proceed to link to soccer on ESPN.

    I am going to see Brokeback. I'm just explaining why I'm not excited about it. And love stories are for suckers. Much like work.