Sunday, January 29, 2006

Your HBO Update

The good news first. HBO has already decided to renew Deadwood for a fourth season. For those of you keeping score at home - the third season hasn't even aired yet. Now the bad news. The third season won't be airing until June. Originally the plan was to put it on after The Sopranos, but the execs at Hobo decided they'd rather give a bump to their new series Big Love, about a polygamist and his three wives.

But hey, at least The Sopranos will be back soon.

Speaking of polygamists, this weekend's installment of This American Life was about what it means to be a woman. One of the chapters dealt with a Mormon woman who is in a polygamous marriage (her hubby has seven other wives) and part of her pro-polygamous marriage thoughts is based on ideals of feminism. It was actually a really interesting argument and I thought a lot of what she had to say was totally reasonable. What I really liked about her - she said she didn't think polygamy could work for most people. When I read Under the Banner of Heaven last year, I was disturbed by how polygamy is forced onto so many people in the fundamentalist Mormon movement. That was anything but this woman's opinion. Anyway, between that piece, and The Hens, it was a very enjoyable hour of TAL.

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