Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Read the Times So You Don't Have To

Before our sojourn into the very cold night, Pablo and I were supposed to meet up at Mustang Sally's on 7th Ave. Sally's is a good place to watch a game - they have a giant projection screen and a great number of flat screen TV's to boot. Plus, the owner and almost the entire staff are from Ireland, and it's always fun to be served a Murphy's stout by an Irishman. And watching part of the Pats/Broncos game was enjoyable, even though I didn't really care about the outcome.

Anyway, while waiting for Paul, I read the Escapes section of the Times, which had been left on the bar. Apparently Portland is the microbrewery capitol of the world. I seem to recall Philly saying something about this after his trip there this summer, but I can't remember. I recommend you check out the article - it's informative and makes me want to go to Oregon.

And today, I brunched with Lynn - she and her hubby had a fire going, and they made me pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The final piece that made me drop down on my knees and ask to be their adopted kitchen gnome? They let me sit around and read their paper. The Sunday Times had an entire Oscars section. Nicholas Kristof had an interesting op-ed piece about the status of women in India, but you can only read it online if you're a Times Select member. And for Jersey diners, Cafe Monet in Millburn sounds intriguing....

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