Saturday, January 14, 2006

I wish I were the food critic.

New York Magazine jsut came out with its top 101 restaurants. The only two restaurants to get five stars? Le Bernardin and Masa. Number three? Per Se, where co-worker K and I have decided to completely splurge and eat at the end of March. Number six is Babbo, which as you will recall, I loved. Though, I do agree it's four-stars, not five.

They chose Aquavit as number 9. I ate there during restaurant week with Anhabelle, Gena, et al., and I'm on the fence. The thing is, an upscale restaurant isn't going to bring its "A" game during restaurant week. I thought Aquavit was interesting, but frankly, I think my dad's Swedish meatballs were better. and if my dad's cooking beats your restaurant, you have no business in the top 10.

FYI - Nobu has dropped down to number 40. Ouch.

Anyhoo, Jim and I are hitting Megu this week as an experiment - I'm supposed to try it out and see if it's a good spot for Kate's bachelorette party. See how I suffer for my best girl?

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