Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I don't need civil liberties cause I'm the President

I caught this driving home from work - it's a piece that All Things Considered did on the President's speech regarding domestic "surveillance" (read: spying) at Kansas State University. What struck me was how he phrased it. He said "I'm mindful of your civil liberties, so I had all kinds of lawyers review it." "Your civil liberties." Aren't they "your" civil liberties too, Mr. Pres? Also, having "all kinds of lawyers" review your plan doesn't make me feel better. Why? Because I am a lawyer and do you know what lawyers like to do best? We like to find loopholes so our clients can do what they want within the "confines" of the law. It's our thing. Is lawyers reviewing your shitty plans kind of like when Alberto Gonzalez reviewed the torture plan to figure out a way around the Geneva Convention? Yeah, not comforted. Thanks for the effort.

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  1. I love how you can get me riled up and make me laugh at the same time.