Monday, April 25, 2005

An Attitude for Darkness

Following a truly fantastic weekend, I am sadly back at work, and I have so much work to do that I will have to wait to review Babbo. Work is really cramping my style.

Deadwood. The first half of the episode was definitely the weakest of the season. Clearly, plenty is being set-up for the last few episodes. And after the thirty minute mark, the tension really picked up.

Al is now fully recovered, although his relationship with that severed head makes me question somewhat his sanity - especially when he opened the box so the head could watch the bicycle. I'm so thankful they didn't show the head to the audience.

I am very curious about the events with Al and Miss Isringhausen. Al isn't above screwing Alma over, although I suspect he would want to leave her alone considering that it would serve the camp to keep Bullock happy, and despite his shortcomings, I think Bullock would be mighty pissed if a pregnant Alma got hauled off to New York by the Pinkertons. Plus, Al's hatred of the Pinkertons leads me to believe that he has something up his sleeve. I can't wait to see what it is and I will inevitably spend the rest of the week trying to figure it out.

It was such a treat to watch Martha Bullock realize that she and Alma are just alike - both widowed at a young age with a child - and that this is what drew Bullock to Alma (and Martha) in the first place. Also, young William is completely adorable. What a cute little kid.

Other standout moments for me - Ellsworth discussing his options regarding Alma with his dog, and his subsequent sweet proposal of marriage; Joanie coming around and realizing that she would rather smack Wolcott upside the head with a bourbon bottle than die; Doc Cochran's rage at the treatment of the Chinese whores (by the by, I so hope Cy Tolliver gets his long overdue comeuppance).

And of course, Charlie's graveside conversation with Bill. Visits to graves are typically an irritating opportunity to make the viewers get weepy. But not in Deadwood. I'll admit I cried at that scene, but it wasn't manipulative. Just one friend telling another about what's going on. This show rules.

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