Monday, April 11, 2005

A Born Follower

So, yes, last night's Deadwood was fantastic. The great thing about this show is that even when the writers are clearly laying the groundwork for future showdowns and scheming, they still manage to make the show heartstopping and quick. Sopranos writers really ought to jot down some notes, considering that all of Season 4 was basically groundwork for Season 5 and it was a real snooze to sit through.

Highlights for me - when Farnum, always self-aware, tells Al that he went behind his back because he's a born follower. I enjoyed watching Trixie try to manipulate Ellsworth into marrying Alma. It'll be fun to see what Alma does when Ellsworth proposes....

After a strong episode last week, Bullock was back to his annoying self - getting pissed about one thing and then hitting someone else for it. As self-aware as E.B. Farnum and Swearengen are, Bullock never seems to have a clue what's going on in his own head.

And of course, the climax in Joanie's brothel. I knew Wolcott was a bad guy. I knew he'd probably end up killing one of the hookers, and that this would be the downfall of Joanie's freedom. But two hookers and the madam? Did not see that coming until it was right on top of me. So, the writers deserve kudos again for getting one over on me. Poor Joanie.... just when she thinks she's out she gets pulled right back in. I have to say, though, at the end there I thought she was going to walk into the Gem.

Anyway, next week it looks like we can expect more lameness from Bullock and an awesome tete a tete between Al and Alma. I personally think that Al is going to have Silas kill Miss Isringhausen - does she really think that Al will leave his fiefdom for a measley $50K?


  1. Doc Cochran9:07 PM

    I completely agree--Bullock is quite the annoying asshole. Probably my least favorite character in the whole show, and he's only getting worse.

    I really liked the fact that Swearengen has begun to recover. Sure, the guy is a monster, but he is good for at least three good lines per episode. Also--let's face it, Deadwood needs Swearengen. These other douche bags (like Tolliver) are f'ing everything up. Swearengen is the only guy who is smart enough to keep it all together. My favorite Swearengen line in this episode, to Bullock: "Bed-ridden, and I know more than you do!"

    I haven't been able to stand Wolcott since he came on the show, and now I know why. I was hoping Tolliver would get pissed and do something about this guy.

    Hands down, the best show on TV in my opinion.

  2. Doc, I totally agree with you that Deadwood needs Swearengen and that this is the best show on TV right now - no contest.