Friday, April 29, 2005

I know it's important to be diplomatical, but where's the O.C.???

This week has been somewhat stressful and emotional for me for a variety of reasons that do not bear repeating. I only mention it as it's relevant to my evening. Yesterday evening, I had agreed to take care of the dog and cat of friends, and so I set off for their apartment. After whining to another friend over the phone about my easy, nay, really quite charmed life, I pulled into the driveway and scurried inside. Finally, finally, I could settle in for a night of crappy TV. All I needed to truly chill out was an episode of The O.C.

This episode promised to be pivotal. Would Kirsten cheat on Sandy? What stupid crap would Seth pull tonight? Would someone finally slap Marissa? Please? After fiddling with the cable for a minute, I finally got the TV on..... onto our esteemed president. On every channel. Nooooooo! I had forgotten about the press conference.

No O.C. last night, kids. Curses.

Because I am a glutton for political punishment (not sports punishment as I could only bring myself to watch snippets of Kevin Brown's outing for the Yanks last night) I actually watched.

For the nitpicky - why, oh why, does he insist on giving all the reporters stupid nicknames? Stretch? Ugh. I hate it. And I swear he said "diplomatical" which I'm pretty sure is a made up word, although today when I read over the transcript I could find no mention of it.

For the substance, the Prez was at his usual glib best. He remarked that he didn't see why teachers should fuss over "No Child Left Behind" because "If you teach a child to read and write, it shouldn't bother you whether you measure." Look, regardless of your feelings on "No Child Left Behind," there are occasionally arguments that could be made in favor or against such a thing. And saying something like that is so typical of him. It's like, "oh, you're in favor of stem cell research? Then you're a baby killer." "Oh, you're against 'No Child Left Behind'? Then I guess you don't care if kids can read and write." Ooookkkkaaaaayyyy. That's awesome logic, Mr. President.

And then when he said he views religion as a personal matter? Sure you do. Arrrgghgh! So clearly, rather than chilling out, I spent the evening lecturing the dog and cat on why our country is so screwed.

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