Friday, April 22, 2005

Vomiting monsters and Newport drug dealers

Last night was the first Thursday in a few weeks that I was home. As such, I got to catch up on some television - namely, The O.C. and Project Greenlight.

I've been happy to see The O.C. getting back to its beach fighting roots in the last couple of months. I mean, really, I'm not watching this show for some sort of great realization into what it's like to be a teenager. I want it to be ridiculous and over-the-top. And I want the long-suffering Ryan Atwood to punch people. It makes me happy. Sure, there's no way they'll ever top the fight at the Cotillion in the first season, but as long as the fists are still flying, I'm pleased.

And Project Greenlight. Poor John Gulager. The scene where he throws up his hands and tells his Director of Photography and his A.D. to just do what they want was really sad. That being said, his A.D.'s Scottish accent is so great that it makes it hard for me to dislike him. I'm pathetic, I know. And while I thought the producers made the right decision in axing Harri the script supervisor, I'll admit that I teared up when she and John had their heart-to-heart. John is such a loyal guy and Harri clearly wants him to succeed. It was touching. As always, Clu Gulager was the standout. My favorite part - when he yelled at the A.D.: "What the f--- is the matter with you? Stop interrupting the director when he's talking to the actors!" Couldn't have said it better myself, but it sounds cooler coming from a 77-year-old. Marcus Dunstan - one of the screenwriters, had this to say about Clu:

"Clu Gulager reaches his boiling point, and he has a way of educating with his anger. He is such a professional that he simply doesn't know how to do a bad job, and when circumstances started swirling, compromising the craft he holds so dear, he sounded off in defense of all actors on the set. It was like a thunderclap that brings calm, not a storm. I believe he used his temper wisely to create windows of creativity for his director. "

Marcus also makes a great point that the film wouldn't be behind schedule if the people who are there to help John Gulager would actually do their jobs instead of contantly undermining him.

Oh, and acording to Chris Moore's blog entry today, the ratings of the show are not good. It's a shame - it really is a fascinating show. Only 4 episodes left, people!

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