Wednesday, April 27, 2005

White gloves, but no monocle

So, I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Work has kept me busy, but now I have a little more time. I'm all about shirking responsibility anyway.

So, last night following a long day of work, Philly and I hit Collins for steak sandwiches and some baseball. Have I mentioned how good their steak sandwiches are? I mean, I ordered it rare and it came rare! Unheard of! And the fries were so crispy! And they gave Phil Boar's Head Deli Mustard! What more could we ask for? Well, we could ask for a win from the Yanks and Mets. Only one of us got our wish.

By now, if you are a Yankees fan, you probably know that A-Rod had a 10 R.B.I. night, mostly due to 3 home runs. It was so beautiful. FYI, it ain't the first time that A-Rod had a three homer night - he's done it twice before. Yanks won 12-4. Pavano has looked better, but I'll take it. He's certainly panning out better than freakin' Jaret Wright.

What makes most of this amusing for me is Philly's reaction. Phil does not like A-Rod. Hates might be the right word, actually. Phil cackles with glee when he sees A-Rod make an error, so clearly, this was not a happy evening for my Mets friend. Moments before A-Rod's second homer of night, the following conversation ensued:

Phil: Look at him with those stupid white batting gloves. He's so cocky.
Megan: Huh?
Phil: Look at his gloves!
Megan: Yeah, they're white. Guess I never noticed before. I don't really see how that proves that he's cocky.
Phil: No one else has gloves like that. Name one player with gloves that white.
Megan: I don't notice stuff like that. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head.
Phil: Because there's no one! Ugh, I hate him, the arrogance!
Megan: You're making him mad. Now he's going to get a hit.
A-Rod hits a two-run homer.
Megan: I told you. He did that because you were making fun of him.

As for the Mets, they trailed 4-1 for the better part of the game. The Mets always like to keep it interesting though, and they did that last night by scoring two runs with two outs in the bottom of the 9th. But they didn't manage to tie it up, and so Pedro gets a loss. By the by, Smoltz is one unattractive dude. I'm just sayin'.


  1. point of clarification:
    sorry to temper your rich embellishment but you never called him getting a hit thanks to my smacktalking, only after the jack did you attribute it to me.

  2. That was no embellishment. My memory is way better than yours.