Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Only Thing I Crave

I'm talkin' 'bout barbeque
Only thing I crave
And that good doin' meat will carry me to my grave.

-- "Barbeque Bess" by Lucille Bogan

Sooooo, Friday night I went out to dinner with P & E, and as E is hella pregnant, she elected to eat barbeque. As we were in Montclair, the natural choice was Indigo Smoke.

I've eaten at Smoke before, but not since they moved two doors down to a newer, more spacious location. And let me just say - not only is the location lovely, but the food is as good, if not better.

We each ordered two sides, corn bread, and we shared a rack and half of baby back ribs and half a chicken. The ribs were phenomenal - quite possibly the best I've ever had. And they had a little kick this time which was very pleasant. I'm not sure if they put crack in the sauce, or if the fact that they cook their ribs all day makes them so yummy.

As for the sides, I had mashed potatos and macaroni & cheese, both of which were excellent, but the mac was in a class by itself. P declared Smoke's mac to be almost as good as E's. P had the mashed sweet potatos, which he greatly enjoyed.

We had to skip dessert this time around, as P and I were both succumbing to meat sweats by this point and E's stomach is shrinking. However, past experience shows that the cobblers are yummy and the strawberry shortcake is nothing to write home about (they use their biscuits in the shortcake, which is just wrong).

For another review, check out Barista's. The reviewer had the pecan pie....

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