Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More entertainment crap.... because I'm lazy

For those of you who are fellow O.C.ers - I have some gossip. Apparently, Oliver will be returning for an episode, hopefully in time to break up anything between Ryan and Marissa. Or to bump off Marissa because she bores me. Also, the season finale will have a funeral - I'm guessing Caleb because the actor is filming a pilot for the WB. And lastly, there are rumors circulating about Kirsten heading to rehab to treat her white wine habit. Girlfriend does drink quite a bit of the Pinot Grigio.

If you work with me, or are a fellow gossip hound, you've probably heard about the pictures from the Cox-Arquette christening. Kate and I have seen the pics, and we both agree that Courtney and Jen Aniston look lovely. So it's back to Britney if we want to believe that stars really don't look attractive in real life.

Speaking of Brit, I watched Veronica Mars last night (which is actually quite well-written and entertaining) and I saw some commercials for Britney & Kevin. It looks.... well, judge for yourself. I suspect that it'll be no 'Til Death Do Us Part, which I actually kind of loved. Dave Navarro is a real pip.

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