Thursday, April 14, 2005

Phil and Meg's Excellent Adventure

Last night Philly and I went to the Sportz Bar in East Hanover on Route 10. It's attached to the Ramada, and right across from Hanover Lanes, where there is a sign which reads "Bowl for health, every Wednesday at 9." Uh, okay.

The reason for this trip was so that we could both watch our respective ball teams (Yanks for me, Mets for him). This was especially important for Philly, as the Mets are usually only shown on FoxSports NY, which isn't on cable out here. I think. Anyway, as for the bar itself. For watching a game, it was good. There were a lot of TVs and a big screen for the Yankees game. There were a surprising number of Red Sox fans in the joint, a couple of whom did not look fondly on my whooping. Whatevs.

The games were very exciting - the Mets game against the 'Stros went into 11 innings with no score. Sadly, the Rocket did not get the loss, but at least he didn't get a win either. Mets fans must be pretty pumped with Ishii, though. After last night, he really looks like he'll pan out. As for the Yanks, well, it always feels good to beat Schilling, especially because he's a Bush supporter. Schilling actually pitched really well through 4 innings, but started to unravel in the 5th and 6th. And Wright, despite getting himself into a jam more than once, caught a couple of lucky breaks and held the BoSox to 2 runs. But for me, the highlight was seeing Giambi, Mariano, and Bernie earn a little redemption.

Final score: Yankees 5 Red Sox 2. For a more complete recount of the game, check out the Daily News.

As for the Mets - Mets 1 Astros 0. You've gots ta love Reyes, if you're a Mets fan. Heck, I love him. Read about it here.

Other than the big screens, and some interesting Miami Dolphins memorabilia (no clue why this place is such a Dolphins hot bed), the Sportz Bar is lacking. It's generally over-priced and the cheese fries left something to be desired, and cost a whopping $5.50. Much to Philly's chagrin, there was only yellow mustard, and it came in little packets. Really, SB was no Collins. I can't imagine Collins charging $5 for a Yuengling. So, my heart still belongs to Collins -they have Harp on tap, $10 lobster on Mondays and an awesome steak sandwich for $6.

At the end of the night, Philly, who had generously driven, dropped me off back in Mo Plains. And how did I repay him? I broke his car. I yanked the handle right off the passenger door. Apparently I don't know my own brute strength. Sorry, Phil.


  1. Just so everyone knows, FSNY does broadcast out in the Jerz (but not in NYC for the moment) so I could have seen the game at home - I went just for the company...

    and plain packet yellow mustard at a place that sells 8 buck sandwiches is poor form

  2. Lauren from the Kans1:05 PM

    Whhooooo Reyes! That was a great game. God its wonderful to have a Dish with built in TiVo.

    The announcers were doing a lot of comparing Ishii to Sid Fernandez. I sorta agree, he looks like him, especially around the belly. : )

  3. Everyone keeps asking me how I will decide whether to root for the Yanks or the Gnats. The decision is simple: Washington D.C. is a hole, and I want nothing to do with it.