Friday, April 15, 2005

Shuffle Up and Deal

Last night, in a continued attempt to pretend that I am younger and have more energy than I actually do, I latched on to a poker game in Manhattan. Philly and a group of his grade school and college friends play a biweekly game of Texas Hold 'Em (Pot Limit, sadly).

It was an inauspicious start to the evening - I was just not getting the cards and I decided to play it tight. The last time I weaseled my way in to poker with these guys, I finished the evening $2 down because I made some stupid bets on questionable hands. Well, that and Philly had had one of the most amazing poker runs I've ever witnessed - pocket aces, pocket kings and pocket queens twice! Meanwhile, I got pocket 7's once in all my days of playing poker. And it was on a practice hand. Stupid poker.

The cards eventually turned around for me and I won my first big hand with a King/Jack suited. Winning is so sweet. I went on to finish the night $8 up. Yay me! Sure, I'll never be Annie Duke, but a girl can dream.

The wacky part of poker with these guys is that every once in awhile, the dealer will bust out a round of Omaha. I curse Omaha - it is the screwiest game and it's very hard to tell what other people have because of the 4 down cards. Anyway, I would have won twice on Omaha (full house once, and a flush on the other) but because I was playing so conservative, I had folded. Now that I've hit my stride, I'll try to take a few more risks next time.

Can you tell that I'm totally stoked for the 2005 World Series of Poker?

A little after 9, Philly's lady friend came over the fetch us for a show at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. More on that later - I have a lot to say about that place.

Meanwhile, for those of you who went to the Halls of Justice with me, today is Marcus's birthday. FYI.

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