Friday, April 22, 2005

Outta my way, it's summer movie time

Entertainment Weekly has posted its list of 10 summer movies that its excited to see. I must say, some of them definitely have me yearning for lazy days spent at Clifton Commons. The list:

10.) Monster-in-Law (May 13)
Jane Fonda's first movie in 15 years. Plus, Michael Vartan is in it. Oh, yeah, and that Jennifer Lopez girl.

9.) Wedding Crashers (July 15)
My jerky boyfriend, Vince Vaughn, is in this one. I'm sure you've noticed that I have an awful lot of boyfriends. What can I say? I'm popular.

8.) Cinderella Man (June 3)
I'm not as excited about this one, because really, how many Ron Howard directed, Russel Crowe starring biopics do we need?

7.) The Dukes of Hazzard (August 5)
I was not a Dukes fan as a child, but Johnny Knoxville is in this, so out of Jackass solidarity, I may have to see it.

6.) Mr. & Mrs. Smith (June 10)
Brad and Angelina. Enough said.

5.) War of the Worlds (June 29)
Does anyone else find it amusing that Tom Cruise is a scientologist and he's starring in a movie about aliens taking over the earth? No? Whatever, I think it's funny.

4.) Batman Begins (June 17)
My pops and I had an argument about this movie. He didn't understand why they were bothering to make another Batman. But I'll admit I'm intrigued and I think Christian Bale is going to kick ass.

3.) Hustle and Flow (July 15)
I'm really looking foward to this Sundance audience prize winner. The NPR reviewer loved it.

2.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (July 15)
I'll admit, I'm a little nervous because the original is so fantastic. But, I feel pretty good about Johnny Depp and I love Tim Burton, so I'll definitely check it out.

1.) Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (May 19)
You guys, I totally know I am setting myself up for major disappointment. But I still geek out when I see the previews. Sigh.

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