Friday, June 24, 2005

Burgers from Heaven

This week, Philly and I finally went to White Manna in Hackensack, NJ. Yeah, I've definitely had a Hackensack-heavy food week. Anyway, after A Hamburger Today's rave review of the Hackensack branch of WM, we opted to head on over and try it.

WM is located right on River Road, which runs straight into the heart of Hackensack if you kept on driving. You needn't keep on, though, to find this greasy spoon, built over 50 years ago. The decor is just what you would expect from a very old diner - a rounded counter in the middle of the tiny space which circles the grill, plenty of neon, and a counter that runs the perimeter of the store.

White Manna is famous for its sliders (mini burgers that you get at a place like White Castle). I had a couple of cheese sliders with a side of fries and a chocolate shake, and I immediately forgot all my troubles after that meal. Burgers can come with or without grilled onions (I took them with) and while I am certainly a fan of White Castle, you can't beat these baby burgers. Phil had two double cheese sliders, and he wished that they had been a little bit rarer. I personally disagree - sliders really ought to be well cooked, especially when you get them at a greasy little diner where there's not accounting for the quality of the meat.

Anyway, I enjoyed the entire experience. I've heard that you ought to expect a bit of a wait if you get there during a rush period - we were there after 8pm, so we had no trouble sitting down to eat. Appears that WM does a brisk take-out business too. Be forewarned, this is no frills. But for $7 I was stuffed and had a milkshake.... which is sort of like enjoying dessert while eating dinner.

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