Friday, June 24, 2005

Cooper hasn't been pulling his weight in the train department

Final comments till next week. Yesterday I went to visit my sister, nephew, and the perfect baby who never cries (aka, my new nephew Cooper). Coop is very cute for a two week old baby - he's practically blond, which is surprising. My brother-in-law, who is, incidentally, insane, is worried that Coop isn't smart. Why? Because he doesn't cry and fuss and he actually sleeps, unlike Connor who used to cry all day long and slept about 45 minutes a week, thus driving my sister to the brink of insanity. Connor is quite smart for a munchkin and since Coop is so different, Jim thinks he might be dumb. Brilliant. Anyway. Real conversation overheard yesterday.

Connor: I don't like Cooper.
Lorien: You liked him yesterday.
Connor: (Looks at me and wrinkles his nose in disgust) He's very wet.

Everybody's a critic. Coop can't catch a break from Crazy or Connor. Oh well, he seems like the perfect baby to me. I think Connor is just disappointed that Cooper doesn't have the manual dexterity to help build train tracks.... also, he can't hold up his own head yet.

If you're a loose tea fan, I want to recommend Pen & Jen's Tea Bar in the Maplewood train station. They have a ton of tea, and you can even order it online. Pen and Jen used to work on Wall Street, until they realized they'd rather not slave for the man forever. So they quit and opened their shop. The blood orange pear tea is fantastic iced.

Enjoy the first true weekend of summer, suckers! Smooches.

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  1. Paul the Tormentor6:42 AM

    Send Connor to me. I'll teach him the joys of being a big brother. Easy scapegoat for all household crimes.