Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon

Forgive me, but I only just returned an hour ago from luncheon. I had bitoque - sirloin with a garlic sauce, cooked rare, naturally, with an egg on top. It was delicious. I am very very full, though and have nothing good to tell anyone about anything. In fact, Mireia fell asleep on the car ride home, and really, I'd like to do that right now too.

There's nothing like a large meal to sap all your energy and will to work. I was going to write a snotty letter to John Tierney, but now I think I'll just lie around.

Please do check out the NJ Appellate Division's decision on gay marriage. Unfortunately, the ban on marriage was affirmed, but Judge Collester wrote an excellent dissent.

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