Monday, June 20, 2005

When it rains, it pours, and any other cliches you want

I do apologize for not posting today. Friends who don't work with me have frequently teased me for how little work I actually do. It's true that for the legal profession, very little is expected of me and I have taken full advantage of this. However, that being said, please insert any sort of silly adage you want - when it rains, it pours; ants and lazy grasshoppers and gathering food; busy worker bees and so on.

My boss is getting ready to go on an extended summer vacation, but until then, he is required to be in the office. Because he has finished all his work for the most part, and is bored, he wiles away his time by making work for me to do. As such, I have been unable to work on my solo assignments (including the blog).

So, I hope to write more tomorrow, although I cannot promise that my boss will not have come up with something new for me. When I do get to write, though, you can expect a thorough review of Batman Begins, Houston's in Hackensack, my Lonely Planet guidebook to Austria, and my thoughts on herbal tea.

Until then, peace out.

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