Friday, June 03, 2005

News and Notes

First up - Dave Chappelle dropped into a comedy club in Hollywood and performed a 25 minute set. No word on if/when he's headed back to Comedy Central. Read about it here.

Entourage returns to HBO for its second season this Sunday, June 5, at 9pm. Six Feet Under is inexplicably moving to Monday nights - the final season premiers June 6 at 9pm. Meanwhile, the sixth season of The Sopranos will premier in March 2006. Only HBO could get away with making people wait nearly two freaking years for a new episode of its most celebrated show.

I probably won't watch Six Feet Under. I've slogged through the last two seasons, even though they never topped the first two. Frankly, I just don't care for it - I think it's become self-important, smug and ridiculous. The writers clearly think the show has gravitas because it deals with death. Indeed, the first two seasons dealt with death in an interesting manner and the lives of the Fischers and friends were realistic portrayals of screwy people muddling through the every day. Then they completely jumped the shark and even the wonderful Lili Taylor couldn't save it. As Television Without Pity remarked about last season's finale, "Is this a Lifetime movie? Is somebody's mother Joanna Kerns? What's going on?"

In the world of food, restaurant week starts up in New York on June 20th. It's actually two weeks, though, not one, so I don't really get why they call it "restaurant week." Anyway, the participants are here.

Times says that Cinderella Man is schmaltzy (shocker!) and that Lords of Dogtown is a blast (that actually is a shocker, not a sarcastic shocker).

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